Présentation Luca

Bonjour à tous.

I am Luca Litterio, space engineer from Italy and currently working in Toulouse.

I graduated in April 19, 2018, obtaining a master’s degree in space engineering at Polytechnic University of Milan.
I partially performed my thesis work at Tomsk Polytechnic University in Russia, winning an international exchange program scholarship. I investigated the micro- and nano-sized aluminized fuels for hybrid rockets in terms of thermal analysis, spatial distribution of aluminium particles and ignition delay time.

I have been a member of the university students’ association Skyward Experimental Rocketry. We designed, built and launched three experimental rockets. My contribution was related to the design, realization and testing of a solid rocket motor and the design of a hybrid rocket engine, with experimental studies on the entrainment phenomena which ended up witha a poster presentation at the EUCASS 2015.
This practical experience in team working and engineering design really shaped my mindset on the problem solving approach.

I am looking forward to better know the Open Space Makers community.
If any of you is in Toulouse, let’s take a beer (or a tea) together!

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A new Toulouse resident in the room! :beers:

You work in Toulouse but you don’t speak Toulousain! :red_circle::black_circle:
You are welcome!!!

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Salut Matthew!
J’aimerais vraiment prendre une bière avec toi! :slight_smile:
À bientôt.


Je suis de nouveau ouvert à une vie normale :wink: