Next meeting of the International Circle

Since the launch of the 1.8 version of the platform, we have been officially managing 5 different languages, however as of today the experience in any language apart from French is rather poor.

We have not held an International Circle Meeting since August 25th, it may be time to plan for a new meeting with interested individuals.
I know that until the end of his thesis in March @tid has a very limited bandwidth, I wonder if @avi.weiss, @dhruv.malik @johansoniv and other non-French native speakers would be interested and available to plan a call on the subject somewhere in January?
With the aim of working out the most appropriate way to move forward the internationalization of the platform - and of the Federation initiative at the same time.

Please answer directly to this thread to confirm you are interested :slight_smile:

Hi damien ,

Sure You can count on me ( but only for specific time per week and in weekend given the work i have during weekdays ) in either translating the documentation of the platform , documentation of the cloud ecosystem and getting community projects into the ecosystem from non french speakers .

regarding the call , you can tell me the agenda of your possible dates of organising the meeting , i will surely communicate my availablity .

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As of this date I have not received other feedbacks on the subject, Richard only told me that he has a very limited bandwidth for the moment, and he moved to the US so meeting times are not ideal.

If it’s fine with you Dhruv, we can plan a call in the next few weeks. Any day at 9:30pm CET would work for me, just pick the one that fits your agenda :slight_smile:

Ok ,
except on next Wednesday(6th jan) , i will be available on that time on all the other days . so we can have meeting either on coming Monday (4th) and afterwards , 9:30 am , will that be fine for you ?

thanks .

Then let’s do it today at 9:30pm!
We’ll meet on

Ok i will be there today. and sorry for the confusion on the timing proposed in my previous mesage .

see you soon

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