Establishing links with other organizations around the world

As discussed during the initial circle call, let us kickstart the actions to establish links with organizations around the world which are pursuing similar objectives as ours.

Which organizations to reach to out, and to what purpose at this stage?

Which organizations:

  • Librespace Foundation
  • Space Decentral
  • OpenResearchRocketry
    …any other you can think of? There has unfortunately been no update from Mach30 in the past 3 years.

Key topics to engage on :

  • are they currently using languages other than English in the frame of their projects
  • are they able to include non-English speakers in their projects, and how
  • what are the key obstacles they are dealing with in operating croos-borders?

To engage beyond space, to organizations fostering work in a multicultural and multilanguage environment, we could reach out to:

  • the European Union
  • the United Nations
    …others that come to mind?

Other organizations that come into mind:
Mars Society

The European Space Agency

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I have just pinged some of these through the social networks. But from my perspective, in most if not all these organizations, actual cross-border discussions are lead in English.